About Us

Witnessing the birth and growth of Joomla, JoomaUX (JUX) was founded and accompanied with Joomla from the very start. JUX has devoted and professional developers who are familiar as well as experienced with Joomla and other content management systems.

JoomlaUX” was named after the permanent development trend of Joomla officially emphasized from Joomla version 3.0 – that is development aiming at User Experience (UX), making users the heart of developing progress. It is also our prerequisite in developing extensions and supporting customers.

What We Do

 We provide Joomla extensions - JoomlaUX's extensions are: high quality, user-friendly, beautiful designed and powerful. 

 We wholeheartedly support you and answer all your unanswered questions, free you from your troubles.

 We share, we care, and we value relationship with you - our friends.

How We Rock at Work

Working environment is one of initial factors that embody JUX’s working culture and values. All members are working in their favorable mutual-created environment: free, comfortable, friendly, supportive and of course, still able to follow JUX’s rules to guarantee the quality of each member’s work. Being a developer is tough and quite nerve-constraint so everyone often has games, physical exercises in break-time to refresh and back to work with lively mental state.

At JUX, we prepare everything to bring the best of us to customers.

Member Profile

Kan Nguyen - Production Director

Khanh is one of the key members in JUX. He is in charge of supervising and monitoring the developer team. He is very hard-working - If there is a member staying at JUX's office after working hours, that must be him.

Anh Le - Art Director

Anh Le is a passionate Art Director of JUX. He is especially interested in design and in charge of all JUX's art effects. There are 3 things he loves: Designing, Designing and Designing. Funny, friendly and full of desire - He is a typical member of JUX.


Jade Tran - Sale and Marketing

You can see what she is doing by visiting JUX's blogs and Social Pages. Jade is in charge of marketing planning as well as JUX promotion. Her goal is bringing JUX closer and closer to all JUX's members and visitors. She is industrious and always eager to learn new things.