JUX Instagram Feed exactly meets all the needs that users want to do with the Instagram feed such as nicely presenting, uploading photos, and creating an eye-catching image set with flexible control in sizes and UI.

Visit 9 keynote features that make JUX Instagram Feed be different among tons of Instagram feed extensions.

1. Different Slider Styles

Jux Instagram offers distinctive slider styles including Auto Play, animation Effect, Fix Height and Width, or Large Grid and small Images which allow users to freely choose the expected style to display their Instagram feed.

2. Various Hover Effect styles

Following the popularity of showing an Instagram feed, we would like to create the best and serve as much options as possible.

You will find the exact style of the hover effect you love with the 5 hover effect style, our team develops.

3. Fully Responsive

All Products from the JoomlaUX team are 100% responsive and there is no exception with JUX Instagram Feed. No matter how large or small your screen is, images and content will automatically adjust to fit it and be perfectly shown.

4. Unlimited Sources

JUX Instagram Feed supports you to display your Instagram images from unlimited combinations of sources such as from popular usernames and trending hashtags.

5. Convenient Filter Types

By using Instagram Feed, you can avoid of bad quality images thanks to using two special filter type: FilterExcerpt and FilterOnly which will exclude photos of the specific hashtag (filter exerts) and shows a specific photo from any account and hashtag (filter only).

6. Informative Images

Not just showing the Instagram Images beautifully, the module also supports viewers with more information including Likes Counter, Comment Counter, and the description as well.

7. Easily Adjusting Sizes

Getting full control of sizes is another key feature of this extension, you can select "responsive" or "by content" and the module will auto customize the size for a perfect fit.

Also, you can manually customize the columns, rows, and padding for the images display.

8. Flexible UI control

Why should you use JUX Instagram? Great UI is the main reason for that, you can easily customize the Instagram grid until you get an eye-catching image set.

Free customization with a series of options as Arrows, Scroll, Loop, Moving direction, autoPlay, Animation Effect, and mode.

9. Popup Data

Certainly, you want to show more information about the Instagram images when popping up the images. This module allows you lots of popup data options.

You can get information about Username, Instagram link, Likes Counter, Comment Counter, Location, Passed Time, Description, and Comments.

Furthermore, you can easily turn on/ off any options that you want/don't want to show on the popup images.

End Point

Setting up an eye-catching Instagram feed grid on the websites is the main target that the JUX developers aim to. We hope you will get a great experience on JUX Instagram Feed and 100% enjoy a beautiful Instagram Images showing.