JUX Mega Menu - A responsive Joomla Mega Menu €20.00

JUX Mega Menu - A responsive Joomla Mega Menu

Joomla 2.5 Joomla 3.0

JUX Joomla Mega Menu is the most completed and easy to use Joomla menu module which allows you to display a ton of content in menu item including text, images, module and articles. Works beautifully with Joomla 2.5 and Joomla 3.x.

More Detailed Information

Introduction Mega Menu
       Mega menus are a type of drop-down, which seeks to overcome some of the usability drawbacks to traditional style drop-downs. Primarily, mega menus have two advantages:
The information architecture of your navigation is made clearer and is visible all at once the amount of clicking, searching, and navigating is reduced. This module allows you to build mega menus by leveraging jQuery and the existing Joomla menu system. Megamenu takes a Joomla menu that is 3 levels deep, and converts it into a categorized 3-level mega menu, which is placed into your site as a block.  
JUX - Joomla Mega Menu is built to not only serve as a powerful Joomla Menu module but also to support your site’s appearance and performance:
  • Loads anything: You can put any kind of content to the menu (text, images, modules, articles, videos, etc), it will load them smoothly and scroll down the content very quickly when hovering on.
  • Fully controllable in backend: Admin can easily arrange column, change item’s icon, add effect or perform any task with menu without any hiccup. Please visit Demo site to explore more.
  • Flexible and easy-to-use: The menu can be displayed vertically or horizontally (or both in the same page). Plus, there’s no coding required to use this menu. 
  • Ensure great User eXperience: Light, fast, beautiful and with different theme options, JUX Mega Menu protects you site’s UX.
  • Responsive: the menu is mobile-ready and works nicely on any mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets. 
JUX Joomla Mega Menu has loads of options to meet all needs. Check out the features listed below! or See the responsive on your mobile

Mega Menu


Most completed Joomla Mega Menu

  • JUX Mega Menu is fully responsive
  • Come with horizontal or vertical version
  • Mobile & Tablets compatible!
  • Available for Joomla™ 2.5 & Joomla™ 3.x
  • Support for Pure CSS (non-JavaScript) menus
  • Modern Sticky Menu (from version 3.1.0)

Easy to use

Highly Customizable

  • Includes 6 Themes and continue adding
  • Supports both Slide and Fade Effects for Sub Menus, or deactivate animations completely
  • Choose from Click or Hover Trigger