Fully responsive


Easy reading and navigation with a minimum of resizing, panning, across a wide range of a device, are what Metro contents can do. No matter on a big screen like desktop computer monitors or small mobile phone touch screen, it all displays nicely and easily control.

Retrieve content from different content sources

content sources

JUX Metro contents supports retrieve contents from different sources like Joomla content, K2 or image folder.

With Joomla and K2 source, you can insert number of items you want to display in front-end and select order by date, hits, random, alphabet...etc.

Description is supported for all Joomla, K2, and image folder. You can set maximum number of characters for description and select title link target as well.

Various effects and layouts for Metro styles

Metro styles

There are 5 effects suppport for each item such as flip, carousel, slide, static, random. With each effect, you  can set start time and animation speed for it.

 Metro layout

You also can easily style for your metro layout by choosing the number of rows, and columns (you can display maximum 4 rows and 4 columns).

It offers 3 effects for slider options which are content slider, fade, and coverflow. Auto play, transition speed, keyboard control, loop, ...etc are other options for slider which you can freely control over the backend.

Backend with fully control

Backend control

Drag & drop image, multiple options control by select show/hide, custom CSS, and many other advanced options – all are included in joomla metro content’s backend.

Highlight features

  • Support Joomla 3
  • Fully responsive
  • Retrieve content from Joomla, K2, image folder
  • Display title and short description
  • View multiple content at once
  • Support 2 images for 1 item in each tile
  • Support 5 effects for each item: flip, carousel, slide, static, random
  • Image tag supported
  • Image link supported
  • Support time and animation speed
  • Flexible metro layout
  • 3 sliders effect: slide, fade, colverflow.
  • Support auto play, transition speed, keyboard control, loop.
  • Custom CSS available