Various options for hover effect

You can choose different effect when hover to your item. It can change opacity, background color, margin, ect.
Tool-tip can be added on the logos and you can enable or disable it from the module setting. Box Shadow allows you to on/off inset shadow, which will make your logo item more focus when hover.

Easy style for item

With joomla logo module, you can freely style for your logo item. We offer many options for you to style it by yourself such as: image opacity, padding, margin, background color, border, etc.

Create a grid of images with external or internal links

You can simply add image title, URL, URL Target to your logos image to open in the new page or in the same page.

Drag & Drop in Back-end.

Easy control in back-end with multiple control options. All of the logos collection, styles, and layouts are under your control. Moreover, you can readily drag & drop to order your logo images. 

Highlight features

  • Compatibility with Joomla 3.x
  • Fully responsive
  • Grid and slider layout
  • Many options for hover effect
  • Able to change: opacity, background color, pading, margin, etc.
  • Tooltip supported
  • On/Off inset shadow
  • Number of item display
  • Auto play
  • Pagination
  • Stop on hover
  • Pagination speed
  • Title supported
  • Urt, Url target supported
  • Drag & drop in back-end control