JUX Pinterest Feed has been released to cover you everything you need to grow your community from the Pinterest profile. Furthermore, this Joomla module also helps you manage and customize the way your Pinterest pins or boards appear on the website.

#1. Look perfect on any screen

Like other Joomla extensions of JoomlaUX, JUX Pinterest Feed is responsive that allows your feed will be beautifully displayed on any screen devices and any proportion. Plus, mobile-friendly is what we want to focus more on a perfect look on mobile.


#2. Easily manage boards and pins

You will easily choose the number of boards or pins that you want to show. Specifically, you can select the number of pins to display, show/ hide the header, pin it button, source link and more. This function will create a more attractive experience in setting up your Pinterest Feed section.


#3. Various Hovering Effects

JUX Pinterest Feed creates up to 9 hover styles which allow you the freedom to choose which style attracts you most. Most of these effects are so inspiring and creative as fade in/out, Stripe, Gradient, etc.

#4. Customize your feed with ease

Evenly, you can customize a feed with ease to personalize the interface. The popular customizations might be height, width, show/ hide the header of a profile, boards displaying, pins view, and the way the content can be displayed, etc.

#5. Profile Integration, single profile, and many profiles

Simply enter your username and the author link to the box and the Pinterest profile will be with all your boards, pins, or both of them. The header shows the account name and picture that leads users to the Pinterest account.


This Pinterest extension allows you to manage your profile with the integration of profile as well as two options in displaying: each profile and many profiles. This functions give your business a profit and make your site be promoted to the Pinterest community.


#6. Switchable pin elements

Each pin in the feed consists of elements that can be switched on or off depending on your wish such as author name, text under the pin, Share button, and Pinterest icon can be independently displayed or disabled in one click.


#7. Custom Color themes

Your Pinterest widget can get the colors you need by visiting the theme color section at the back-end and choose the color you love which is applied to the button and links. The extension also supports different colors of your themes, so you can easily choose the suitable color to display the feed in the most attractive look.

#8. Easy-to-use backend

The simple backend allows users to do any offered customizations with ease, just a few clicked. We try to create essential options when you display the Pinterest feed on the site and show all of them at the backend that you can quickly change and customize as you want.


#9. Nice and Informative Lightbox

The Joomla Pinterest shows a nice lightbox up when clicking on each pin with nearly all information of the pin. The feature gives users quick access to the original image and pushes them to do actions with it.

End Points,

JUX Pinterest Feed keeps the trendiest features as well as eye-catching design look that are worth your time to explore. The Joomla Pinterest extension deserves users a new improvement and a better experience in showing the Pinterest feed on the Joomla site.