Furthermore, with multi-media and a variety of menu layouts offered, users freely bring images and videos to a submenu, get the option in a vertical or horizontal menu, and much more other surprising features.

#1. Simple Controllable Back-end

JUX Easy Mega Menu will show you a super simple-to-use way that you have never experienced on. Thought you are not an expert in setting, a module is still a great option for you with the user -friendly backend which allow users to select the cared things, click and drag & drop.

#2. All Options in One Place

Absolutely convenient when you can customize everything in one place with JUX Easy Mega Menu. We learn that the more repeated open times, the more time you lose. And we create the module to save your time. Now let's enjoy the smart management sections of this module.

#3. Drag & Drop Menu Items

Outstandingly, JUX Easy Mega Menu allows users to change menu items easily with the drag & drop menu items offered. Hence, you can arrange all the menu items as you want with ease.

#4. Real-Time Preview in Back-end


Joomla users now get the change in the front-end immediately you do any changes without clicking or pressing preview option.

#5. Mega Content in Submenu

You can see a variety of content such as text, image, link, videos, widget, or evenly form can be displayed in the Submenu.

#6. Mega menu Toolbox

Now controlling your mega menu is simple than ever with mega menu toolbox which aids you quickly to manage contents.

#7. 11+ Preset Styles & Endless Saved Preset Styles

We filter and choose the best 11 presets of various themes for you to diversify your options in setting your expected mega menu or you can add your beautiful preset you made to contribute for this module.


#8. Unlimited Colors Options

You can easily change colors at top menu and submenu with unlimited options the awesome module offered.

#9. Transparent Option

The option will differ your menu from other mega menu and make your style be unique. Why don’t you try using this option now?

Besides the above primary features, JUX Easy Mega Menu also stands out with adding lots of ultra-customizations which give users more ways to distinguish their menu.

*Add title name & icons in the Mega menu

Give you a playful with the menu, JUX Easy mega menu allows you to set the title name, add icons or images for the more interesting view that attract more users.

*Or other customizations

Easily to customize the menu height border, box shadow, text shadow, blur distance, background gradient, etc.

All in all, JUX Easy Mega Menu is an expected Joomla module for anyone who loves to own a perfect mega menu with an EASY setting, an EASY management, and super EASY customizations. Visiting the demo to enjoy this awesome module now!

Take your time and treat you best with this price right now!