Support 4 largest networks and 7 social buttons

Social Content Locker get supports of 4 largest social networks that are Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google + and 7 social buttons: Facebook Like, Facebook Share, Twitter Tweet, Twitter Follow, Google +1, Google Share and LinkedIn Share.

Beautiful design

We offer 5 clean and clear styles for you to choose, including starter style, secrets style, dandyish style, glass style and flat style.

Simple and easy-to-use configuration

Social content locker offers 4 configurations for 4 different social channels. What you need to do is just insert social network’s link, click the button show/hide and you have done!

Drag and drop in back-end control

Thanks for this function, you can easily order the social networks that you want to show.

Flexible setting

You can easily create your own custom style, change the locker message, set a countdown interval for the locker if you want.

Highlight features

  • Support of 7 Social media networks buttons.
  • Different choices of the button: like, share or like or share locked snippets.
  • Beautiful design.
  • Flexible display: floating on a determined section of a website or fixed in a module position.
  • Simple & easy-to-use configuration.
  • Automatical lock of your content.
  • A set-count down interval for the locker.
  • Drag & drop in back-end control.