#1. Smartly arrange and show YouTube Videos

Customers find this module a great solution in nicely displaying YouTube videos as they wish on their website. JUX YouTube Feed smartly combines all videos kinds from various sources and show your YouTube videos in different groups. Instead of facing a mess, now you get a clean and smart videos playlist that following your hobby (favorite, handpicked, upload, latest, and so on).


#2. Fully Responsive and Retina ready Module

All Products from JoomlaUX team is 100% responsive and there is no exception to JUX YouTube Feed. No matter how large or small your screen is, images and content will automatically adjust to fit it and be perfectly shown.


#3. Adjustable UI Parameters

How comfortable our customers get from using our JUX YouTube Feed the important thing we care about. And that’s the reason why we integrate a plenty of features that incredibly improve the user experience during using process. You can find JUX YouTube Feed an easy way to set navigation and change some settings as well as create your list at best with flexible controls as selecting arrows, scrolling, customizing columns, rows, animation, colors and much more.


#4. Fully YouTube Header Customization

Playing an important role in the module, Header that contains all information about videos and channels as the logo, banner, channel name, subscribers, description, and so on, comes in various styles (classic, accent, minimal header) with lots information. Certainly, you can customize all the header’s information as you love.


#5. Various video preview styles

In JUX YouTube Feed, YouTube Videos are obviously the main content, and why don’t you make it stands out? The module offers distinctive styles of video preview including video classic, video cinema, video horizontal, and video hide the information. Now you freely choose your favorite appearance for your videos, guys!

#6. Lively animation effects

More 7 attractive animation effects that the module offer truly makes it be exceptional among numbers of YouTube Feed extensions. With these effects, you feel like you are playing with setting up an impressive YouTube widget and makes your site be more attractive as well. Try it! That’s so much fun, guys!



#7. Easily customize colors of YouTube Channel

There is a special thing you should know about this awesome module that you can custom any colors you love YouTube channel. Trust us! Colors can make your YouTube channel incredibly different.

#8. Popup showing with a handy Element

The module allows you to choose between Video only popup and popup with information. Furthermore, you can freely switch on/off any elements of popup information.


Key Features

•    Smartly organize and show YouTube spots

•    Combine all kinds of sources

•    Set YouTube widget anywhere

•    Adjust flexible UI parameters

•    Fully customize YouTube header

•    Make popup a handy element

•    Can customize CSS

•    Be 100% responsive or Fix width, height

•    Be compatible with Tablet, Smartphone

•    Run on modern browsers (including IE10+)

•    Support multiple languages

End Point

JUX YouTube Feed is an incredible thing we created to lighten up the end of 2017. For these above highlight features, there is no reason for not using this awesome module or take a tour of this module right now. Try it and love it, guys!