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24 Oct, 2016

You manage a Facebook fan page and you want to get attracted from viewers?  It may come to your mind that extensions can help, but which one is suitable or even the best for you. Don’t waste time to get flooded among Facebook Events extensions out there because right here and right now, I will present top Joomla Facebook Events Extensions you shouldn’t ignore if you want to improve fan page performance.

1. JUX Facebook Events - Just $9

Facebook Events extension is an indispensable Joomla module to combine all different Facebook events on your fan page into a single stream and help you easily manage them. This module helps to display all events on Calendar. To get it worked, the ID of your Facebook fan page where you created events is required.

JUX Facebook Events is easy to customize with fully control back-end feature. Just a click and your site will have interface as you wish. It offers 4 detail page styles and 2 layout styles that are Calendar and List. Also, it offers sidebar option, which means you can totally display your events with humble space. What about price? Well, just about $9 and you can get this premium module. It’s value for money, right? 

For further and download: Click here

For demo: Click here

2. JO Facebook Event Pro - $12

JO Facebook Event Pro is a simple module to display Events from Facebook. This module will grab your Facebook events and display them in your website. It is very simple to use and adaptive to any Joomla 1.6, 1.7, 2.5, 3.x website. It allows to select events from Facebook Personal page or Facebook fan page or Groups page. Also, you can customize Google maps by scrolling wheel zooming, changing map display type (roadmap, satellite, hybrid) and changing map zoom level. Additionally, JO Facebook Events is responsive and compatible.

JO Facebook Events offers 3 different prices for buyers. If you don’t subscribe, in other word it’s a standard purchase, you have to spend $12 to get it; the price will be $25 for the extension and 6 month subscription, and $35 for 12 month subscription. Do you think it’s competitive price in comparison with others?

For further and download: Click here

For demo: Click here

3. Facebook Event - $30

Like others, this module will grab your Facebook events and display it in your website. You just need to put the Facebook profile ID or fan page ID and that's it. Also, Facebook Event is easy to use and customize. You can change background or hover color as you wish, and it’s also compatible with all browsers.

Although it’s available for both profile page and fan page, its price, at $30three times as expensive as JUX Facebook Events, will make you hesitate. Now take a few minute to think of it. Is it rarely or often to create events for persoanl page? Do you often do that? So if it’s often for you to create events on fan page aiming at attracting more visitors, it’s totally prodigal to get one with function available on personal page! Don’t waste your money for white elephants!.

For further and download: Click here

For demo: Click here

Which one caught your attention?

That’s three outstanding among Joomla Facebook Events Extensions that you can’t ignore if you are in need. Get experienced by yourself and follow us to get the best choices, always!


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