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06 Jun, 2019

Dear customers,

We have changed the currency unit in the price of our products from the currency "€" to the currency "$". With the hope of turning the purchase process is more convenient for our clients and expand our community.

You will see the change on both prices of our single extensions and prices of membership packages.

However, the price of each membership package will be cheaper than the old price because we keep the same number with € to $ whereas Euro has a higher value than Dollar, which gives you a good saving to get started your business.

So, you never miss this opportunity by visiting our packages for membership again at https://joomlaux.com/pricing.html, and carefully check, then choose the suitable package with your target.

Remind!!! Besides our available packages for membership, we love to remind you of our new category club packages which you to purchase all extensions in a specific category as Mega Menu, Social, Content, Images, Slider, and others. With these specific categories, users can select the best extension with their site and save your budget. There are three main reasons for choosing Category Club package if you are on a detailed aim.

Take a visit now and get started! Take a visit now and get started!

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