09 Sep, 2016

You have tons of images and videos and want to show them off the world, but in a creative and attractive way, not a messy one? You may think about extension for help and google “Portfolio extension” but you get flooded by numerous result. Therefore, I’m writing this article to present top 5 best Portfolio extensions. Choosing them and you will not regret. Let’s see what they are!

1.JUX Portfolio Pro

Developed by JoomlaUX team, Portfolio Pro is a professional version of its brother- JUX Portfolio which has got high rank on Joomla Extension Directory. Portfolio Pro allows you to arrange your gallery in Classical, Masonry and Packery layout style by clean and creative way. 

With fully backend control, you can easily adjust and create items or tags, how to order your images and videos, filter by categories or tag, how many items are displayed and how many to load more and so forth. All depend on your wish. Moreover, JUX Portfolio Pro offers 7 different single styles. That means you have numerous options to show your images and description text in your wish.

With this product, lightbox appears when you click on the picture and it will show full size of image. If you have interest in any image or video, just click on name tag / category and full description will be already. Especially, hover dir effect is another feature that can’t be ignored. Thanks this special effect, everything smoothly moves around; it’s like a continual tune when you move the mouse and glide it on screen. It’s hard to express how amazing and smooth it is but take a try!

2. Advanced Portfolio Pro

Like JUX Portfolio Pro, Advanced Portfolio Pro is also a professional version of former Advanced Portfolio. It features a clean responsive style enhanced with features to maximize your visual experiences in both list and detail view. With Advanced Portfolio Pro, you can present your project in Grid or Carousel style, but the single style isn’t various to choose. The component manages projects by tags or categories. Each project contains short and full description, easy image management, video and metadata options optimized for SEO. The component offers 3 hover styles and featured projects which means if a project is marked as featured, it will be shown in bigger size than others, but it’s actually not so important.

One thing that’s hard to ignore is price. With the price of $19.99 (converted into €17.73 at this time) it’s absolutely more expensive than JUX Portfolio Pro that is only €15 but still fully functional and features various beautiful styles for you to choose. JUX Portfolio Pro is still a big deal, right?

3. TZ Portfolio Plus

Although it isn’t so outstanding on JED, TZ Portfolio+ is worth trying with some features. This extension allows you to design a lot of layouts for portfolio display. Like other portfolio extensions, TZ automatically adjusts to fit the screen size of any device. TZ offers 3 layout styles that are boxed grid layout, full width layout and masonry layout. It support not only images but also videos, like JUX Portfolio Pro.

Additionally, TZ suggests 9 single styles but there seems to be not much differences among them. The plus point here is the variety of hover effects. The TemPlaza did good work in creation of hover effect, but this isn’t as much important as how your projects are displayed. Is this creative? Is this neat but eye catchy? TZ Portfolio much focuses on classical style. Every item is like on a chessboard!  

4. WS Portfolio

Let’s mention WS Portfolio brought to you by WS Theme. In WS Portfolio you can add up to 50 Portfolio Items, create them easily from the awesome Joomla Backend of this responsive Joomla Isotope Portfolio Module. The limited item number is a minus point for this extension, and you need to use Coding field if you want to add more. However, forgetting about that, you have the option to hide your content in a toggle which is only visible when the element is clicked with this module. It's made with a nice Callback Function, after you click the Toggle Button the Portfolio is sorted new in a nice animated way. Here’s how it looks

Wrap up

All in all, those are top 4 Portfolio Extensions that you really should include in your site. They are powerful tools to present your huge source of items in a neat, clean and eye catchy. See? Now it’s your time to pick one up. 

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