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file Questions about Focus template

4 years 7 months ago #37352 by Christian
Hello there,

I have purchased the Focus template and have some questions about it.

1) Is there a way to get the "ABOUT"/"BLOG" and similar banners (white, cut on color background) on cell phones, too? I only see them on the computer.
2) Are the Works (homepage) icons animated by classes? Where can I find them to understand what kind of animation I can use?
3) How can I change the fonts and font colors of "Hai, we're"/"Focus"/etc?
4) Is there a way to add elements to the animation in the homepage red area? Like take one of the two computers away and use some other elements? And/or can you advice me of a place to find similar animations?
5) How do I make slider arrows (hai, we're focus, etc) closer to the content and in another color, they are almost invisible now?
6) Search module on cellphone goes under the logo when opened, how to fix this?
7) How can I put an "Top button" to scroll to the top of pages?
8) How can I get a fixed Menu icon on cell phone? It is only on the top of pages now
9) Where can I change the background color and menu color in navigation area?
10) I have noticed that in some pages the menu goes more on the right and in others on the left, for instance when I click on "features" menu I see all the other elements go to the right, as well as the logo, is there a way to fix this?
11) I have noticed that on the cell phone, in horizontal view, the menu appears as the one on the computers but is divided into two lines, is there a way to avoid this?
12) I added your Horizontal Accordion Slider under the "we're focus..." text area (after the button) and I am not seeing it on the cell phone direclty: to see it, I have to scroll the green area because now the "about" pink area is covering it, while I want the slider to be immediately visible on cell phones, too... Can you please help?
13) How can I set logo size?
14) I need to change the "WORK | FOCUS" title with a longer text, but how can I tell the template which words to have bold and which light?
15) How can I make items in menu that have no submenu have a hover like the ones that have a submenu (they get black)?

I hope you can help, I am quite new to Joomla, thank you.


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4 years 7 months ago #37356 by HaiND
Thank you for feedback us
You can send supper admin login back-end via email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
I will try setep all problem and instruction and custom

Best Regards
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4 years 6 months ago #37426 by Christian
Meanwhile, I found other issues.

A) First of all, I put the Horizontal Accordion slider in the green area but is not visibile on cell phones and sometimes it disappears, also it is too distanced from the above text and "siamo" is too distanced from "video da marte".
B) After I modified the site menu with longer text, it gets not centered and they also get under the logo on horizontal cell phone view.
C) In the no-sidebar page I added some videos in the 1-1/1-4 upper positions and they do not show properly on cell phone.
D) Also, scrolling is not fine on cell phones since one has to keep on scrolling to entirely see one color section as elements get hidden. And there is no "up" button and the menu icon on cell phone is not always present/blocked when I scroll the page and it is not user friendly to have to go on top every time...

Thank you.

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4 years 6 months ago #37432 by HaiND
Hi again
I custom problem logo and menu on screen mobile for you, please check again
2: I fix problem video on page slider for you,
3: with problem scroll on mobile,
I see it still can scroll and see content, I will check it again

Best Regards

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