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question-circle Error when attempting to update the T3 Framework

8 years 1 month ago #12139 by Wayne Whiting

I have the Jux Metro template installed v1.0.0, the T3 Framework is version 2.4.3 and Joomla is v 3.5.0.

In the Jux Metro control panel I am advised that there is an update for T3 Framework, namely version 2.5.5.

When I click on 'update' I am taken to the Joomla Extension updates window whereupon I select the update for the T3 Framework (URL Details: update.joomlart.com/service/tracking/j16/plg_system_t3.xml )and click 'Update'

I then receive the following:


Update path does not exist.


And the said update fails to complete.

I also have this template and framework installed on other Joomla websites, and although I have previously been successful in updating the T3 Framework in this manner, probably over the last few months those websites have also displayed the same error and failed to update.

I have also installed a test website with just Joomla v 3.5.1 installed with no third party extensions other than this template and T3 Framework and get exactly the same error when attempting to update, hopefully confirming that this is not a conflict with a third party extension.

I did a search across your forums for 'T3 Framework update error' and various variations of similar keywords and was unable to find an issue such as my own, so apologies in advance if I have missed it.

I hope you can advise how I can remedy this situation as I like to keep all my extensions up to date.

Kind Regards


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8 years 1 month ago #12144 by Sang Manh
Hello Wayne Whiting,
About your problem, I understand. But I'm so sorry, because I don't know more about update T3 Framework. I think you can contact Joomlart company. Maybe, they have answer for your problem.

Sang Manh

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