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file Assistance with changing weather time to 12-hour format

4 years 1 month ago - 4 years 1 month ago #38183 by Justin Kerr

I had written here earlier and received support response about changing the hours format to a 12-hour format versus the default 24-hour format for the hourly display in the module. This involved editing a minified .js file (so would need to be unminified, edited, and re-minified). I wanted to ask the following:
  1. Could you folks just provide an adjusted, alternate .js file that has 12-hour format ready to go? I believe the file is siteroot//modules/mod_jux_weather_forecast/assets/js/weather.min.js
  2. Moving forward in the development of this Joomla module, might JoomlaUX consider setting this element up as an editable language string? This would allow the site administrator to more easily manage the date format from within Site Backend > Extensions > Languages > Overrides
  3. For future updates to the module's software, won't I have to worry about whether weather.min.js gets overwritten, and I lose my changes? Wouldn't this element (and other features like it) be better supported by integration with Joomla's HTML overrides capability in templates?

The latter two are more suggestions for you folks to consider as you move forward with adding features to the software. I would like to tweak this look, however, and thought you might be able to easily provide an adjusted weather.min.js.

Using the PHP date string as an example, I'd like the times to render as g:i a (which would render as "2:00 am," "6:00 pm," etc.

Any chance you can provide this, or other assistance? Thanks in advance for your help.
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4 years 1 month ago #38187 by HienHC
Thanks for your feedback
You can provide back-end login information
I will check and fix the problem for you

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