22 Feb, 2019

Regarding event and Yoga site, choosing a suitable timetable and calendar extension contributes an important role in creating a successful event site with the great user experience. Further, a beautiful and smooth Joomla calendar will decorate your site a nice and modern look.

The article covers you 9 best Joomla timetable & calendar extensions which are beautiful, functional, and simple to use surely empowering your event site.

#1. JUX Timetable

There is an expected Joomla extension for creating create beautiful schedules with custom data just in a few minutes. With JUX Timetable, all classes and events will be shown daily, weekly, or monthly timetable and filtered by category as well.

 The Joomla module is perfectly designed for the site regarding fitness, yoga, dance classes, medical departments, and any kind of event calendars and so on.

Core Features:               

•    Up-to-date Flat Styling

•    [Exclusive] Image Background of Schedule 

•    Multiple View Options

•    Easily Controllable Backend

•    Event Pop-up

•    Insert Module in Articles

•    Multi-schedule on page

#2. JEvents

JEvents a full events and calendar solution for your Joomla site which helps you show your events in listings or as a visual monthly calendar view, create complex repeats patterns, import and export your events with a couple of clicks, offer a feed with your latest events.

Core Features:

•    Enlist and arrange multiple events using built-in calendars

•    Joomla MVC framework Support

•    Multiple categories

•    Available both free and pro versions

#3. JEM

JEM is a complete solution in building and managing Event list and calendar for Joomla site. The Joomla extension. It's a full-featured package that includes the core component as well as some very helpful modules and plugins.

Core Features:

•    One-off Event, or repeating with complex patterns

•    Manage venues with built-in geocoding,

 category management, group management

•    Event categorical view, attendee management, email notification

#4. Ohanah

Ohanah is a great Joomla calendar extension that aids you to set up your event site in minutes. The extension gives administrators control over events’ look and feels, so it’s easy to make it fit your site perfectly.

Furthermore, with Ohanah, Event managers can concentrate on the content with streamlined processes and simple interface for creating events, managing venues, and handling attendees that don’t require them to be Joomla experts.

Core Features:

•    Add events in minutes

•    Display as lists or in a calendar

•    Categorize events and add venue specific pages

•    Events with a description, a flyer, a map etc.

•    Supports recurring events (repeat daily, weekly or monthly)

•    Offer event tickets and collect payments right away

#5. No Boss Calendar

No Boss Calendar allows users easily display information about events to your visitors, certainly great calendar showing. With this Joomla extension, users are able to do this in a simple way and many styles, choosing one ready to use layout model and customize it.


Core Features:

•    Different Models

•    Event Information

•    Category filter

•    Quickstart

•    Responsivity

•    Unlimited items

•    Infinite possibilities

#6. Spider Calendar =

Spider Calendar is a highly configurable Joomla extension that allows users to have multiple organized events in a calendar. The Joomla calendar is a smart way to organize your events and displaying them in a calendar format.

Core Features:

•    Support for color scheme modification of the calendar

•    5 standard calendar themes

•    11 standard calendar themes

•    Options for setting the height and width of the calendar

#7. DPCalendar

DPCalendar is an impressive Joomla calendar extension which deserves users a fast and accessible native Joomla calendar and event manager with Google calendar integration.

The extensions the most of all the Joomla features that any online Joomla calendar and event manager should, such as Ajax-powered event browsing/manipulation, drag-drop, front-end editing, nested calendars, CalDAV and ACL support.

Core Features:

•    Super-fast with a small CSS footprint

•    Full responsiveness of all views

•    Nested calendars

•    Ajax powered calendar with a smooth design

•    Template and layout overrides support

•    Google and OpenStreetMap map integration

#8.  iCagenda

ICagenda is an event management extension with a calendar module and flexible design, with a theme pack installer inside. The extension allows you to display events from the list and filter the events depending on dates, categories, etc. as well as customize graphic elements.

Core Features:

•    Period events and/or single dates, time

•    Contact information (email, phone, address, venue...)

•    Frontend Search Filters

•    Frontend submission form

•    Registration to events with options

#9.  Art Calendar

Art Calendar is a great Joomla component which is perfectly designed for creating visually rich, interactive, modern calendars that can be quickly deployed on the front end of your Joomla site. Easily populate the calendar with events from the Art Calendar administrator area or from Google Calendar API or both.

Core Features:

•    Re-designed Art Calendar administrator.

•    Google Calendar API Integration

•    Choose from 1 of 18 themes to change the calendar style

•    Add Google Maps locations to your events

•    Add images to your events

•    Control slideshow settings

End Points,

This above Joomla timetable & calendar extension is so much useful in the site of your event which dedicates a convenient way in managing your event listings as well as setting up the eye-catching calendar, schedules make the site more attractive. Also, these Joomla extensions are good for the Joomla site regarding fitness, yoga, dance classes, medical departments, and any kind of event calendars and so on.

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