09 Mar, 2019

Joomla 4 is the most expected Joomla version in 2019, and now the release of Joomla 4 Alpha 4 gives us more eager for the day when Joomla 4 will be landed. So, what are outstanding improvements at Joomla 4 Alpha 4?

The new Joomla version has been released with a series of new improvements, especially in the back-end. Joomla 4 Alpha created a new back-end user interface which is totally different and much friendlier than Joomla 3. You can get more details about the differences between Joomla 3 and Joomla 4 in our previous post.

#1. Typography

Roboto is the used fonts at the back-end of Joomla 4 Alpha which is one of the most popular web fonts. With the various styles, the fonts will make the back-end face more attractive with Thin, Light, Regular, Medium, Bold and Black styles for any requirements about the font like heading, title, normal text, etc.

#2. Colors

Such a flexible combination of color at the back-end! A dark blue for the sidebar and a light grey as a base for the whole user interface are selected for Joomla 4 which gives a perfect look for this version. 

Joomla team chooses these colors that are basing on the WCAG 2.0 guidelines, it is necessary that the contrast ratio between the foreground color and the background color of texts has to be at least 4.5:1 or even higher.

#3. Joomla Pattern

The change of Joomla pattern has a big influence on the new look of Joomla 4. Users will be attracted by a new Joomla pattern with an amazing design by Chiara Aliota who is an award-winning artist. This design looks more attractive and is included on the login page and on the background of the admin backend.

#4. Login-Page

The new log-in page with new Joomla 4 pattern gives a professional look and affirm a user-friendly brand focused login page. Furthermore, you get more customizations with this new log-in page as changing the background images behind the login area. This feature partly contributes to higher interactions with customers and more interesting.

#5. Restructured Admin Dashboard

Joomla 4 admin dashboard comes with lots of improvements which make your workflow easier. This version has been reduced the number of main level items to a minimum. The back-end navigation is on the sidebar now with a collapsed option that helps the user to navigate between the menu, content, media, components, and templates.

#6. Menu Management

The menu is also getting more different from the old version with the reducing menu items and offer a new logic menu which is smarter and more reasonable.

Regarding menu items, we divided the number of menu items by adding a plus symbol next to each menu item that directs you to add just these. So, you can easily add something new by clicking on plus.

A new menu logic we have mentioned about is that every main level item has a submenu and its own landing page. In details, you can access all specific areas from the main menu and submenu.

#7. Media Manager

Previously, we get some inconvenience in managing media file, and now with Joomla 4, we find an easier way to manage all actions in the media section from the image uploading, editing tool, to details adding for each image. So much convenient Now!

-          Drag-and-drop images uploading

-          Editing tool change

-          Detailed image information

#8. Article Editor

Joomla 4 alpha is empowered by TinyMCE editor which is a premium drag and drop editor plugin. This integration allows users to edit the content with new classic options to edit an image inside content.  For instance, if you select an image, TinyMCE shows you all the Image Options in the Toolbar, and if you select a link you have the link options right on the screen. Moreover, in article images and links option, you can drag and drop the images to upload them.

#9. Mobile view

The mobile view plays a vital role in raising the interaction with customers. And Joomla 4 alpha creates a new amazing look on mobile which gives users a premium feel. The mobile interface is much more beautiful and convenient.

Final Thoughts,

Though Joomla 4 has not been officially launched, the Joomla 4 Alpha 4 with new amazing improvements prove that Joomla 4 will make a big revolution in Joomla development field. Please keep updating our blog, we will provide the latest Joomla 4 news and Joomla 4 tutorials as well. Hopefully, we will get 100% ready for the release of Joomla 4.

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