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08 Oct, 2014

Dear valued customers,

We are so excited to announce the release of our brand new layout, designed with fresh look and user-friendly navigation, updated with the latest information about our products and services.

We decided to make a completed overhaul of our website which will surely make it easier for you to review and update our information about new products, new announcement, new blog, etc.

On top of that, we have a huge change of our pricing and support policy.


From the pricing table, you can compare between 4 packages we offered.

There will be different level of support for domain, ticket, duration time download and update, renewal price, and quickstart package.
To help you get faster understanding and easier to use our extension, we offered quickstart package in our membership support. Quickstart is a full website package that includes: templates, extensions, database image, etc. After you installed the quickstart successfully, you will have a template website that is exactly same as our Demo.

For single extension, the price now varies between €9 and €15 depending on the functions of the extension. With this option you can buy a single product and we will support one domain during 3 months if you have any issue need help from us. No renewal or quickstart include for this package. However, if you want to get our quickstart, you can pay more €10. Therefore, our suggestion is join our membership.

There are 3 membership packages available:

€29 for basic membership package. This package offers you 2 domains support, quickstart included. For ticket and download, update will have 3 months support as single extension.

The best package we suggest you should sign up for is Standard membership with €39. In this package, you will get fully support and update for 3 domains during 6 moths. And of course, Quickstart will be available for you to install.

Last but not least is Premium membership with €59. This package offer you the best value and the highest support level: 12 months download and update for 5 domains during 1 year.

If you are satisfied with our products and our support, you can continue to be our member with only €10 top up.

Please NOTE that this pricing strategy will apply for new customer, for our ex-customers the membership support will be remain the same as before.

Let's take a look at our new site and we hope you will like this fresh design.

Keep visit us and update our latest products to find what awesome extensions we will bring to you.

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