31 Dec, 2015

Happy Lunar New Year, friends. The JoomlaUX Team wishes you and your family health, wellness and happiness in this New Year. May all your wishes come true and hope you will have a successful career in 2016.

If you are familiar with Asian culture during Lunar New Year, we believe you have known about the manner of giving “Lucky Money” for family members and friends during those days. Hence, in this Lunar New Year 2016, we are also want give you lucky money by giving away 30% OFF for ALL MEMBERSHIP PACKAGES. 

Please use the coupon code: TET2016 to get your discount.
This coupon code will be valid from 5th February to 14th Febuary 2016 (00:00 GTM +7). Please use this coupon code before the due date.


And we also want to inform you that: During Lunar New Year from 6th February to 14th February 2016 we will be OFF FROM WORK, therefore our support process will be delayed longer than usual. Hope you can sympathize for this inconvenience and enjoy this holiday with us.

Thank you so much for all of your support and wish you will have a happy and healthy holiday.

The JooomlaUX Team.


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