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17 Nov, 2015

To build a website and make it works is a tough job and take long time to complete. It would be shame if after you have done all those complicated steps then just leave your website with few viewers every day.
That’s why SEO and social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, LinkedIn, etc… were born to help you promote your website faster.

So, how to make your social media channels work effective and bring more prospects to you? Here are 8 tips we would like to share with you to help you improve your social media channels and make it works at best. In this article we will use Facebook and Twitter (the 2 most famous social media channels nowadays) as our specific example.

1. Write interesting content

content is the king

“Content is the king” – that’s always the first rule.

Interesting content with useful information always attract more readers. Once you have an interesting content to share, let’s make an impressive statement on your social media channels. Keep in mind that your status or announcement on your social sites have to be short, crucial, and remarkable. 
A research showed that: On Facebook, posts bellow 25 characters can get you 60% more engagement, while cutting to less than 80 characters will get you 66% more engagement.
That doesn’t means the shorter your post is the better engagement, but you have to be concise in every post to give audience a brief idea about your content.

2. Including images in content

images in content

Visual content can act as a “gateway” to a more valuable content. A content with images will get about 39% more interaction than the post without images.
To make people pay attention on your post, the best way is including images inside. Images with colorful, funny, or meaningful content will attract more viewers. Therefore, a good image will definitely bring more potential audiences to you and hopefully will turn them to become your customers.

3. Using hashtag


Hashtag has become one of the most powerful tool in term of online marketing.
So what is Hashtag? - “A hashtag is a type of label or metadata tag used on social network and microblogging service which makes it easier for users to find messages with a specific theme or content” – Wikipedia.
How hashtag works? – Use the #hashtag symbol (#) before a relevant keyword or phrase to categorize Tweets to help them easily show up in Twitter search.

At the beginning, has tag has been used mostly on Twitter and it works widely in this social media channels. Follow up is Facebook and Instagram.
A statistic showed that: Tweets with hashtags get 2 times more engagement (i.e: retweets, clicks, favorites, replies) than without. And 1 or maximum 2 hashtags in your tweets is optional. More than 2 hashtags drops engagement by an average of 17%.
So, if you are using Twitter as one of your social marketing channel, please pay attention on this. 

Tips: to make your hashtag work out, the best way is choose a remarkable hashtag and it have to be either popular or unique (if you use hashtag for your campaign).  

4. Take advantage of emotion icon

emotion icon

Emotion icons are usually use in personal conversation or personal post to express your feeling. However, if you apply those icons to your business posts smartly, it could be a weapon in your marketing activity.

Working among an industry where you communicate totally through internet, you don’t really know who is chatting with you behind the screen. The best way to make all of you become closer is by using emotion icons in your conversations and posts. Therefore, emotion icons will help you bring the friendly feeling to your visitors and viewers. This will then lead to increase the ability of interaction in your social media channels. 

Facebook analytic showed that: post with emotions get 33% more comments, get shared 33% more often, and get liked 57% more than post without emotion icons. 

5. Running advertisement

running ads

This has been one of the major tool to promote your website to reach out more customers.  By paying money for the social media channels, your posts will be sponsored and display in anywhere on that channels, targeting on any customers depending on your selection.
The study about Facebook ads showed that: out of 1,491 consumers age 18+:
77% said they interact with brand on FB through reading posts and newsfeeds.
45% spend most of their time of Facebook reading through the newsfeed.
So, running ads on Facebook will help you promote your products and directly interact with customer rather than just waiting for them visit your Facebook page. 

6. Frequently interact with your audience

interact with audience

The key point to keep your visitors stay loyal with you is keep in touch with them often. You can make your audience get engage with you and your brand by post questions, ask for their advice, or run contest, etc. Those activities will increase their excitement to your brand and help you directly interact with your audience, after that turn them to your prospect.
Again, with Facebook research:
Question posts generate 100% more comments than standard posts with statements, and questions with quick or limited answers tend to get the higher number of comments.
33% of fans like a page to participate in a contest and using content – related words such as: winter, win, entry, contest, enter, and promotion are more likely to engage people.  

7. Select the right time and days to post your content

choose the time

This rule apply for all of the social media channels but each of them will have different time preference.

For example:
The best day to post on Facebook are on Thursday and Friday while on Twitter are from Monday to Friday for B2B and Wednesday to Sunday for B2C.

- Best time of the day to post on Facebook (apply for any time zone)
1pm to get the most shares, 3pm to get the most clicks, broader suggestion of anytime between 9am to 7pm

- Best time of the day to post on Twitter
5pm for highest retweets

12pm and 6pm for highest click through rate.

For more information about times to post your content for others social media channels, you can read more in this article

8. Always check your analytic


It’s very important to check your social media channel’s analytic because different business will have different target audience and their audience will have different online habit. All of our statistic above is just the average but it doesn’t mean that’s correct for every business.
Therefore, keep checking your social media channel’s analytic is really necessary and it will significantly support you in controlling your social media page.

To control your Facebook page, you can view all dada analytics in “Insights” at the top of your page. It aggregates data about the users that interact with your page and any information that isn’t publicly displayed by users isn’t available to business

For Twitter, you can view your Twitter data analytics through https://analytics.twitter.com/. This will show you how many impression each tweet received, how many engagements occurred with those tweets and the engagement rate for each tweet, etc.

There are many different free social media analytics tools available. So you can download and use it to support for your marketing activities.

Thank you for spending your time to read thoroughly this article. I hope those tips above will somehow help you better in mange your social marketing channels.
If you have any tips or advice based on your knowledge and experience in manage social marketing channels, don’t hesitate to share with us by commenting to the comment box bellow.

Let’s join us on our Facebook and Twitter to see how we manage it and also get updates about our news, tips, guide, promotions, etc.

Wish you all the very best of luck ;)  


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